When to Evict a Tenant

 Posted on May 17, 2024 in Real Estate

IL eviction lawyerContrary to how they are often portrayed in media, landlords are often very understanding with tenants who have fallen behind on rent or violated the lease in other ways, especially when the tenant in question is struggling. You may not want to evict a tenant because you have sympathy for his or her situation. However, there are times when a landlord must make the difficult decision to begin eviction proceedings. If your tenant is too far behind on rent payments, is destroying your property, or is disturbing or endangering your other tenants, it may be time to start the eviction process. A Cook County landlord representation attorney can help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities when it comes to deciding whether to evict a tenant.

When You Need to Start Eviction Proceedings 

In some cases, it is fine to work with a tenant and give them some time to begin paying rent or complying with the terms of his or her lease. In other situations, it is best to begin eviction proceedings right away. It may be time to file an eviction if your tenant:

  • Is unlikely to make past-due rent payments - If a tenant who has reliably paid rent for years misses a single rent payment because she lost her job but is likely to find work quickly, it may make sense to wait another month or so to allow her to catch up on rent. However, if your tenant is further behind on rent and will probably not be able to make past-due payments, you may have to evict her. 
  • Causes property damage repeatedly or carelessly - Most tenants will cause some damage by accident. If your tenant’s child accidentally knocked a hole in the drywall and your tenant will pay to have it fixed, there is likely no reason to evict him. However, if your tenant keeps causing damage carelessly or the damage to his unit is getting worse, it may be time to evict him. 
  • Disrupts or endangers other tenants - If your tenant is disturbing other tenants by causing excessive noise or noxious odors and has ignored your repeated warnings, you may have a duty to your other tenants to evict her. Likewise, if your tenant’s conduct is endangering other tenants due to sanitation issues or criminal conduct, he may need to be evicted to protect other residents. 

Contact a Chicago, IL Landlord Evictions Attorney

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