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Everyone knows that when they take out a loan, buy something on credit, or receive services before payment, they are creating a debt that must be paid back. It is not always fun being tasked with collecting debts, but it is necessary work. There must be some type of enforcement of unpaid debts to keep the economy running smoothly. If people were able to simply ignore their debts, everything from mortgage lending companies to credit card companies could collapse, which would make life much harder on everyone.

Whitacre & Stefanczuk LTD offers quality legal representation to those tasked with the unenviable duty of collecting debts. Whether your small business is drowning under the weight of an unpaid contract that is long overdue, or your tenants owe you for damages to your property so that you can make it available to the next renter, you deserve to be able to collect what you are owed. Our attorneys will work with you to find the most effective solution possible for getting you paid back.

Attorneys Collecting Mortgage Debt in the Chicago Area

It is not a good situation for anyone when a real estate buyer defaults on their mortgage. The foreclosure process can be complex and sometimes costly. There are a lot of legally-mandated steps we can help you take before you will be able to prevail in a foreclosure action. There are also alternatives to foreclosure that may work better for you and the buyer alike, such as loan modification options or accepting a deed in lieu of foreclosure. Our attorneys will work with you to find the best solutions depending on the specific factors involved in a particular situation.

Collecting Debts for Local Businesses

When you have started a business and worked hard to build it up, the last thing you need is a client or partner company failing to pay you the debt you are owed. Businesses rely on their contracts, and you should be able to safely assume that if someone agrees to pay you, they will. It can feel like a betrayal when you provide goods or services to uphold your end of the bargain, only to have your client skip the bill. Going after business debts can be tricky, and a lot depends on the specific circumstances of your dealings and the language in your contracts. Our attorneys will help you explore your options and get on the most likely path to repayment.

Debt Collection Lawyers for Cook County Landlords

Debts to landlords can be created in multiple ways. If your tenant stops paying rent, they now owe you the amount of unpaid rent in most situations. Or, if you go to inspect your building after a tenant has left, and you find that they have carelessly caused significant damages, your tenant may owe you the repair costs. It can be difficult to collect tenant debts as a landlord, as so much of the relevant law is in favor of tenants, particularly residential tenants. Our lawyers will represent you both inside and outside of court and ensure that you follow the correct procedures for collecting tenant debts.

Chicago Attorneys for All Other Debt Collection

Our attorneys stand ready to take on the task of helping you recover the debt you are owed. When we represent you, you can focus on your other business operations knowing that a skilled team of lawyers is busy collecting the money you are owed. We believe that there is always a solution to being owed a debt that will work for you. Getting you the money you are owed is a top priority for us.

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Whitacre & Stefanczuk LTD will work closely with you to determine what type of repayment plan or schedule works best for you and is possible for your debtor. Our goal is to get you the funds you are owed in the most convenient way possible. With us representing you, you need not be left high and dry by an unpaid debt. Contact us at 773-622-6100 to receive a free consultation.

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