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Lawyer for Commercial Real Estate Transactions in DuPage County

Dealing in commercial real estate can be risky, but it can also be rewarding and profitable. Whitacre & Stefanczuk LTD can help you protect your investment during the purchasing or selling process. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to commercial real estate transactions. They are often considerably more complex than residential real estate sales. Having legal representation while you are buying or selling commercial real estate can help you sign with confidence at closing.

Our experienced commercial real estate attorneys will take every possible step to keep your transaction secure and predictable. No one wants to buy a commercial building and then find out that they cannot use it in the way they wanted to. Similarly, no one wants to sell commercial real estate only to be sued by the buyer years later when they discover something that was missed during the sales process. We can guard you against these potential pitfalls.

Minimizing Risk in Your DuPage County Commercial Real Estate Transaction

If you are dealing in commercial real estate, you likely already know how risky this business can be. One of the most important functions of a lawyer during these transactions is to minimize and mitigate your risk level. It can be extraordinarily difficult for a layperson, or even a real estate agent, to identify all possible areas of risk and take steps to create security.

You may have heard that no one really reads every single piece of paperwork that needs to be signed at closing, but we do. We want you to understand every single part of the agreement you are making, and with our help, you can - without slogging through mountains of forms. Our goal is to help you buy or sell commercial real estate with confidence.

Attorneys for Discovering Zoning Law Concerns and Encumbrances

Whether you intend to use the commercial property to form a business yourself or lease it out to a tenant, you need to be absolutely certain about what the property is zoned for. Unpleasant surprises in this regard can frustrate your intended use of the property. If you are the seller, you run the risk of your buyer taking legal action if they did not have the right information at closing.

You also need to know if there are any encumbrances on the property, like a lien, easement, or land use agreement. You should be aware if there are any property tax concerns. Any of these issues can cause serious problems down the road. Our lawyers leave no stone unturned in our quest to ensure that you have all pertinent information about the property.

Lawyers for Financial Concerns in DuPage County Commercial Real Estate Dealings

The financial side of a commercial real estate transaction can be incredibly complex. There is likely a good deal of money changing hands, and you may be dealing with third parties, such as a mortgage company or bank. If you are not dealing entirely in cash, there will most likely be significant loans involved.

This is another area where we can serve you well. Our attorneys are well-versed in high-dollar transactions. We are skilled in all manner of business contracts, including loan documents. In our capacity as practiced negotiators, we will fight to help you receive the best possible deal.

Representation at Closing

Having legal representation at closing can mean the difference between a smooth, completed transaction and a botched deal. The work we do leading up to closing is important. We will make sure that every part of the deal is in writing and that you are well-prepared. If there are any surprises at closing, you will not be left to figure out what to do on your own.

Closing is the final step, and it can be a very high-pressure situation. With our help, you can walk in and sign with confidence.

Call a DuPage County Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Whitacre & Stefanczuk LTD offers high-quality legal representation at every stage in the process of buying or selling commercial real estate. Our knowledgeable and experienced DuPage County real estate lawyers will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to protect your investment. Contact us online or call 773-622-6100 to receive a free consultation.

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